Det norske black/vikinge-metalband Enslaved er snart klar med deres næste album RIITIIR.

Albummet udgives d 28 september og allerede nu kan du høre en smagsprøve. Nummeret “Thoughts Like Hammers” kan nemlig streames her.

Til nummeret siger guitarist og sangskriver Ivar Bjørnson: “This was a song that I was very proud to have made when I presented it to the guys – and a song that triggered some light worry with Herbrand [Larsen, clean vocalist & keyboard player] due to its inherent ‘weirdness’ (snicker snicker). I just had to ask him to simply trust me, his own, and the band’s abilities to transform the vision into a full-fledged ENSLAVED-classic. While I earlier on might have thought that we were moving away from structures, this song has made me realize that we have simply gone further into exploring structuring and arrangements, not going away from it.”

Trackliste på RIITIIR er som følger:

01. Thoughts Like Hammers
02. Death In The Eyes Of Dawn
03. Veilburner
04. Roots Of The Mountain
05. Riitiir
06. Materal
07. Storm Of Memories
08. Forsaken


RIITTIIR udgives 28 sep via Nuclear Blast