Koncerten med bl.a. Dark Tranquillity og Keep Of Kalessin er desværre blevet aflyst

Dark Tranquillity skriver på deres Facebook:


It is with great frustration that we have to announce the cancellation of our participation in the planned European tour “Metal Attack Over Europe”.

The reasons are several. The main tour promoter has failed in making the necessary practical and logistical arrangements needed for the tour to happen. Due to the lack of reliable information and substandard promotion, ticket sales have been surprisingly low. We can’t just embark on a one-month, five-band trek risking to be met by closed venues or not being 100% sure that the necessary arrangements for the shows even to happen are in place. The fact that Warbringer had to cancel didn’t help the situation.

We understand that many people will be disappointed, and so are we. Rest assured that our booking agent has been doing his outmost to save the tour and try to sort things out, but the sad reality is that we’re left with no choice but to cancel. We are truly sorry about this situation.

/Dark Tranquillity”

Det betyder desværre så også at koncerten på Gimle og vores konkurrence herom også er aflyst. Pis også! Vi her på redaktionen havde ellers glædet os som bare fanden!!